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Chunky style

If you're sad and like beer, I'm your lady.
"Oooh Girl, I'm going to feed y'all some sausage."

Think of a bee
you are its knees
you waft through me
like a summer's breeze
can I come round Tuesday please?
being "fucking appalling", bernard black, charmingly obscure artistic ventures, choosing new parents, dan l. stock, definitely not buttsex, desperately seeking steve, hasty decision making, hating radio k, hijacking your equilibrium, joe mahon's girlish laugh, loving bob ross, loving bunnies, makin' it with sarah, matt benatar, minnesota 4-evah, my inability to love, non-linear thinking, not living in anoka, rockin "icky little pigtails", shameful self-disclosure, surly cross-stitch, the coast of californ, the hannah banana, the jim queer, the pilsner monster, un-crappy crewel